Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Hello, Hello,

Thing's on the home front are busy. Trying to get back In the groove. Dennis Is doing wonderful. He has started to get the sparkle back In his baby blues. My creative side Is another story. I finally was able to design a couple of pieces. I will be listing those today some time

Vanessa from Etsy administration contacted me and ask If I would right a article on my story. Crafting and Care Giving. I finished that up yesterday. I'm not sure when she Is planning on running It. I do know It with be In the Craftivism section of the Storque. The title being,
When opportunity knocks open the door.

Don't forget the Contest:

Win One of ten pair's of earring's. One pair to be given away every Friday until Dec 20. Convo me and I will put your name In, and If you would kindly let me know where you found my contest... No purchase necessary. Must enter weekly.Earrings to be given away are listed....Thanks for playing and good luck.

All for now. I have to put that creative thinking cap on. See you soon. Oh and, Happy Halloween.

Have a great day,

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Hospital's yuck !

Dennis was admitted to the hospital Monday night. He was diagnosed with Pneumonia. He started feeling sick on Saturday Oct, 20. I called the doctor the following day and got an antibiotic for him but he just didn't seem to be reacting to It quickly. One of the symptoms that brought this to my attention was he had an extremely high heart rate. Dennis usually runs about 70 / 75 and his heart rate was in the 120. I called 911 on Monday and went to the hospital. There he was treated In ER and a chest x-ray was given that showed Phenomena In his left lower lung. Well of course I was very concerned over this. We had not been back Into the hospital since we returned home from the Trach surgery In 03. We were admitted. Dozens of blood test were ordered, I guess to rule out any other problem.

The Staff at St Francis were so kind and caring. They told me that they would take my lead, and that I could care for him. They ordered a bed for me and that was our make shift home for three days. Dennis was responding to the antibiotics given. Although he was still running a fever. Doctor's assured me that It was his body fighting the Infection. We were able to come home yesterday. We were very happy about that. I didn't want to come home with anything that I didn't come with.

The test that were run all came back with great results. The cultures all came back with no growth, and his EKG was perfect !

I don't necessarily look at this as a bad thing. I look at this as a tune up. We have new base lines and we can go from there.
Because people return often after Trach surgery these test are always given but since we have never been back It was a great comfort to know that Dennis still has the fight In him.

We are at home resting comfortably. Ginger was just beside herself. She did not like us gone. Dennis's Brother Brian came and took care of her twice a day. She Is so happy that we are home, she won't leave my side.

I will keep you all posted on any changes. I as well as the Doctor's expect a full recovery.

Please keep us In your prayer's,take care,

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My First Treasury

Well, well, well,

I was lucking enough to snag my first treasury and I tell you the excitement over that one. You would of thought I won the Click on the link and you can go check It out.

Don't forget to convo me If you would like to be In the drawing for the earring give away.
From now until Dec 20 I will be giving away a pair of earrings every Friday. You must convo me every week to get In the drawing, I would love to chat with all of you.

I have been very busy this week In my shop as well as home. Still haven't found a new nurse yet. I will find someone that fit's perfect, I'm sure.

I am In the process of writing a couple of articles one for Etsy and the other for the Vintaj web site. I will let you know when they are published.

Hate to run but It Is time for bed, almost midnight. Have a great day. Take care, and I will talk to you soon...Kathi

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yoga, you gotta love It !!

Well hello there,

It has been way to long since my last post. The last post I did I told you that I was going to start a yoga class. Well I did and I really like It. My body Is bending In positions that It hasn't since I was It Is very good for my body, mind and spirit, so she tells me, the Instructor.

I had the first art show of the season and I did really well. I was pleased with everything. My pieces seemed to get a warm reception.

I am still getting ready for the last show which Is December 1st. This Is a huge show with thousand's of attendees. It's crazy. But I love It.

I have been busy trying to hire a Nurse to help me through December. I am extremely particular so I haven't found that certain someone yet. Who ever It will be It Is going to be the easiest job they ever had. I stay right here and never leave my husband with anyone except his Brother's. So that Is taking allot of time during the day, which Is OK I just want to find someone that will be kind to my husband.

Tomorrow Is my 22nd wedding anniversary. For my husband's gift I got him a new wedding band and had It Inscribed with, Your My Inspiration Love, Kathi

Don't forget to drop by to enter the Earring Give away. I will be giving 10 pair of Earrings away. The first drawing will be Oct 22. You can start entering on Oct 15. Just give me a quick email or convo me through my Etsy store and I will put your name In the hat. No purchase necessary.

Well I have to run. Take care and have a great week end...Kathi

Friday, September 28, 2007

Art Show Week End

Good morning,

This Is the week end for the first art show of the year. Saturday from 8:00am to 12:00pm
It Is only a four hour show but It Is a crazy one. My Sis will be helping me out, which will be fun. We have allot of fun when we are together and she Is a great sales person and one of my best customers. Prior to ALS Dennis and I owned are own business. We owned a Sporting Good store, so I had to sell, sell, sell and so hopefully, I will sell, sell, sell this week

I have decided to start taking a Yoga class on Wednesday evening's I am very excited, and I think It will be good for me. I have totally been out of the loop for at least five year's, perhaps It Is a little intimidating. I will get over It, and prevail. I will blog about that experience sometime after Wednesday.
Something special going on at "Care To Bead" from October 15, 2007 Thur December 24, 2007
I will be giving away a free pair of earring's every week. So that will be 10 pair of earring's one pair a week up until Christmas. All you have to do Is leave a comment on my blog or email me through my Etsy shop to be entered and In subject write, Happy Holiday's.

Have to run. Take care and have a fabulous week end. I will report back on Monday...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Punkin Card Company

Good morning,

Some exciting news for you fellow bloggers today. Care To Bead Is the feature seller on Thank you Amie for selecting my shop to feature. I truly appreciate your kindness. When your In that neck of the wood's please be sure to check out all of her lovely paper goodies. She makes some of the most fabulous card's and gift tags I've ever seen.

l I have been like a mad women trying to get ready for my first art show, I forgot how much work those really, but I do enjoy It. The rest of my free time Is spent manning the Care To Bead Etsy shop. I have been designing and creating some beautiful addition that I will be listing soon.

I bought one of the neatest bracelet's on Etsy. It Is titled an Inspirational bracelet which I could have engraved anything I wished. I received It Friday It Is just gorgeous. What I had engraved was.

" It was on the darkest night of my life I learned never to give up and my journey began ".

My husband and I have tried to walk through our ALS journey with dignity and grace. When you have had a life changing experience such as ours your whole attitude on life changes, You really truly find that you don't need another pair of shoes and you don't really have to have a new car. What really matter's Is sitting right In front of you, the love and respect of a man that Is so grateful for all you do for him that he tells you daily by only being able to blink three times which means I Love You.

Dennis hasn't been able to talk to me for 4 1/2 year's. He has a smile that will light up a room, a sparkle In his eyes and the spirit of a true hero.

I won't stay away so long. I really enjoy updating my blog. I thank all of you for taking the time to Read my entries. Have a fabulous day and don't forget to tell someone you Love them.


Friday, September 7, 2007

Retail Shop's

Good morning,

Today I will be leaving around 3.00 to meet with a few of the retail shops that sell my jewelry.
I will be getting their order's for the holiday season. You are probably thinking to yourself, It's only September. In order for me to accommodate everyone that I sell to I have to plan ahead so that I have the time to complete the order's. I truly appreciate all my shop's that sell my pieces for me and the last thing I would ever want to do Is let them down In any way. So If I plan ahead I will be just fine. I have always been a planner but much more so since the ALS diagnoses. I think the only way you can get through something like this In your life Is to plan ahead. I say, stay two steps ahead and everything will be allot easier.

Dennis had a check up with the pulmonologist ( lung doctor ) yesterday. The doctor says that he Is doing wonderful. He Is In amazement how healthy he Is. It Is almost unheard of that a ventilator patient not be back In the hospital six months after they returned home for the first time.
We have had the vent for 4 1/2 year's and never been back since...hurray. To date that Is my biggest accomplishment.

I was quoted In the Sunday paper In an article called Love, marriage and Care giving.
It Is a very thin line between Wife and Caregiver and It takes allot of effort not to cross that line. It Is by far the hardest job I have ever done. You have to remember first and for most this Is my husband.

Have a fabulous day and a wonderful week end..Kathi

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Day At The Museum

Well let me share my excitement. Thursday I had an appointment with our local museum, which Is Lake View, to meet with the buyer on purchasing some of my pieces. The meeting was a huge success, I was thrilled. Lake view Museum Is now caring some of my pieces. How cool Is that. If your ever In this neck of the wood's stop by.

Wow, can you believe It Is the end of the summer. Where on earth did the time go.
No special plans here this week end. I will be designing piece to stock pile for the two shoes I do a year. The first one Is at St Mark's On September 29. That Is a short show only from 8-12.
But It Is a crazy one. Four hours of non stop selling..I love It ! I don't get out very much so when I get an opportunity to talk to people lets just say you can't shut me up. You've heard of the chatty Kathi Doll ?

I am running a little special this week end In my shop. Free shipping all the way through Monday just put the word blog In notes to seller I still have a few pieces In the 1/2 off section, and remember, you will always get a little surprise from me and your purchases will be beautifully gift wrapped all ready for gift giving. Remember Christmas In right around the corner.

Take care and have a fabulous week end. See you soon.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blog, Blog, Blog

Hello and good morning,

I have been busy setting up three new blog spot's, so yes that Is a total of four. By starting these other blog community It will open up so many avenues. When I get them all finished up, to my liking I will post some link's.

Tomorrow Is the big B- day. So, I would like to have a special In my shop for all you wonderful customer's. Tomorrow until 12.00 midnight every purchase made will get a FREE birthday gift from me. I can't tell you what It Is because then It wouldn't be a surprise but I think you all will love It. I will give you a hint, It Is jewelry, something that Is listed In my shop right now. Go ahead take a peek and see If you can guess what It Is.

Tomorrow I will be going out with My Mom and Sister. We are going to go shopping and then out to dinner. I plan to be gone from Dennis for about six hours. That Is along time for me not to be with him. I have a very good nurse that comes In once and a while that I trust completely and I'm only a phone call away. I don't travel to far away from my home, because I want to get home quickly If he needs me.

Well need to run. Have a fabulous week.

God Bless,

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Get Ready Cause Here They Come

Hey, Isn't that a song.

I have been devoting every spare minute to designing and making new piece for the up coming Fall season. Fall Is my favorite time of year. In fact Dennis and I were married October 12th. We picked that day because the leaves have changed by then the tree's are beautiful and the memories we carry In our minds of those days are unforgettable. We use to go to a little town every year named Galena. It was full of B&B. We would try to stay at a different place Every year.
On Main street they have quint little shop's, great food and magnificent scenery.
If you ever get a chance to go there, you should. It truly Is a beautiful place that holds so many memories In my heart.

I still have the 1/2 off section In my shop. I have sold quiet a few but there Is still some great summer piece. In fact now would be a great time to start your Christmas shopping, and remember all of my pieces are shipped with a little surprise.

Have to run. Take care. Stop by for a visit at my Etsy shop


Friday, August 17, 2007


Whee, Is all I have to say. What a long week. I haven't had any help this week with my husband so I've been going solo. Our Nurse that helps two day's a week has hurt their back, I'm not sure when they will be returning. Oh well, I will manage to get everything done....Just keep telling yourself that..Kathi

I got those cute little pouches In the mail yesterday. They are sooooo neat. I will take some photo's and put them up hopefully sometime today.

I am going to make Salsa today..yummy. I usually end up giving most off It away to Family and Friend's. All though I think I am going to can some this year. Won't that be tasty In December.

Don't forget the 1/2 off section I just added In my shop.

Have a fabulous week end, we are going to a Birthday Party for my Great Niece that turns one.
Her name Is, Finley and she Is a absolute doll.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

1/2 Off Section

Good Morning,

I just went through my entire shop and marked down most of the summer pieces. Just click on the link and It will take you right to all those little treasures, I have to make room for the new Fall collection, and your gonna love them.

I have been getting ready for the holiday shopping frenzie. Ordering gift boxes and these adorable little pouches they are so cute, I will have to take a photo and show all of you when I get them. Also I have been stocking up on all my material's. Last year I was really busy at Christmas and I didn't have my Etsy store then nor did I have three additional shop's that sell my pieces. So I am trying to prepare for all of the addition business. One thing that has gotten me through ALS Is being organized, planning and Lot's of back up !

I have been Introducing my new Fall pieces slowly into my shop. Stop by and take a peek.

Have a fabulous day...Kathi

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Have I got um. I have so many tomatoes I will never use them all so today after I finish up with Dennis's I am going around the neighborhood and giving them away, I bet you wished you were living In my neck of the wood's.

Yesterday we went to see the Bourn Ultimatum, what a great movie. I highly recommend.
Dennis loved It. He loves to go to the movie but I have to say It takes allot of time making sure everything Is perfect. We have so much stuff that we have to take, It Is like having a set of twins. But It Is always worth It to see him smile. That smile will light up a room. As a ALS patient you loose all of your muscle control basically, you have none, AT ALL. Sometimes people will loose facial muscle but that goodness Dennis hasn't. If those eyes could talk, what would they say. hum, I'm not sure.

Well I have to run. We are having company today. Don't forget the shop special Is still going on until 12.00am. Have a great day..Kathi

Friday, August 10, 2007

Extended Special

I have decided to extend the TGIF special.
This promotion will run until 12.00 am Sunday Morning. If you have any questions you can email me directly or you can convo (email) me through my Etsy site.

Have a fabulous week end....Kathi

TGIF Special

Happy Friday Everyone I am running this special all day until 12.00am Central time. Now Is the time to get a pair of our Vintage Inspired Earrings absolutely FREE with the purchase of one of the Trinket pendant's. Just read below to find out all the detail's.

Have a wonderful week end. Take Care..Kathi

I am running this special all day until 12.00am. If you can posted It on your blog that would be fabulous. Thanks so much..Kathi Friday Special, 08/10/07..SUPER SPECIAL Buy any Trinket necklace and receive a free pair of Antique brass earring's. Earring's must be under $14.00 Here are a few choices. Lot's more listed. Applies only to listed items. No other discounts or coupon's will apply.*********************************************************FREE with purchase of one of my Trinket necklaces. Your Choice. Many more to choose from. a great Friday,,,Kathi

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hot Hot Hot

Oh my Lord Is It ever hot. Yesterday I was making homemade Salsa all afternoon so I didn't really have to get out In the heat to much but boy when I did. It just about takes your breath away when It's that Hot.
Last night In rained and we sure needed It. Ginger Is so afraid of the thunder and Lightning she just gets frantic. Pacing back and forth not sure what the heck Is going on, so we don't get much sleep when It Is doing that out side.

I have listed some new pieces on my Etsy site so you will have to take a peek at those.
I am still learning how to navigate this crazy blog but I'm getting there.

Last Sunday I had a contest through my Etsy shop to win one of the Trinket necklaces. The contest was, guess how many brass Sparrows where listed In the pieces In my shop. The response was overwhelming and allot of fun. I had people visiting my shop that might not other wise know It was there. There Is so much competition with jewelry designer's on Etsy you have to always be thinking of ways to promote, promote, Promote. But I enjoying doing that.

Have to run, I am working on some custom order's this week so I need to get back to those.
Have a fabulous Wednesday. Take Care.


Monday, August 6, 2007

Catch Up

Man oh man. We had out of town guest all week. We had a great time but, I was very busy. I could In no way put my Caregiver duties to the side for the week. Dennis was so patient and knew how busy I was. He watched TV or surfed around on the Internet. He amazes me sometimes how he just sits back like he saying to his self, hey I can do this. I will live with ALS and enjoy my life to the best of my ability. Yeah for Dennis...My hero !

Last week when I had some free time from entertaining I was able to make a few pieces and list them In my shop. One piece I made was a pretty antique brass bracelet. I made myself one and wore It out Saturday shopping. I tell you just about every person had such kind word's to say about the piece. So I made sure to reach down In that purse of mine pull out a business card and simply say, You too can have a bracelet just like this. Hop on over to my Etsy shop and there you will find one. You can check out the bracelet to the left column.

This week I will be playing catch up. I will be trying to up grade my blog, since there Is so much you can do I haven't even scratched the service. My goal Is to have everything running smoothly by the Holiday shopping season.

I have some exciting thing's In the work's with my jewelry and I will share them later on this week.

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Have a great day..Kathi

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Devil Cat

My week end has consisted of the usual, with one small change...The Devil Cat.

I volunteered to go In and feed my sister's cat while she was away for the week end. I am by no means a cat person. I've only ever had Dog's. My first experience was yesterday. I had all the proper remotes In hand with detailed instructions on how to turn off the alarm system when entering, which was fairly easy because we have an alarm system, so I was familiar with that.
I entered In threw the garage door Immediately the Cat meets me at the door. If the Cat could talk It was probably say where have you been ! Can't you see I'm hungry ! The whole time I am opening the pouches of ( stinky ) food and the cat Is staring me down, hey you up there do you think you can move a little faster. Just set down the food and back away slowly, make no sudden moves or you will leave me no choice but to scratch the bleep out of you. So I set the food down slowly, as instructed, and received a short hiss. Set the alarm, and was out the door In a flash.

I have been busy making some new pieces to list In the next few week's. Be sure to stop by and take a peek. Don't forget also, that the gift with purchase will end on July 31st.

Hope you all are having a fabulous week end. I still have one more day with the Devil Cat..wish me luck...Kathi

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gift With Purchase

Yes, that's right now until July, 31st I will be having a gift with purchase. What Is the gift you ask.
That would be an "Ankle bracelet". Who doesn't like sporting those pretty little gem's. You can read all the detail's In my Etsy shop at Gingeroni1, link at the right. There you will find a photo of the freebie. Don't miss out. Remember, Only until July 31st.

I am slowly adding my new line of Vintage Inspired pieces. To the right In the photo's you will find two of them. This line for me, has had huge response. Not only at my Etsy shop but at the local boutiques that carry my pieces. Vintage Is really hot right now. I have been using allot of vintage bead's In my pieces lately. Who would of thought Grandma's jewel's would be so popular.

Dennis and I have been working with a write on a book for the last three year's about our journey with A.L.S.
The book will be title " With A Wink And A Smile" The title comes from the way that Dennis has to communicate with me. Sometimes that Is all he Is able to do. We are finishing up the final stages.
There Is already a publisher In line so get ready for It to hit the newsstands. It will be under the heading Inspirational. It really Is exciting. It has been along journey writing the book. I will make sure I post when It Is released.

Don't for get to check out my shop regularly at Gingeroni1 I list thing's daily, and you just never know when I'm feeling generous. Thanks so much for stopping. Talk to you all soon. Take care and God Bless.


Thursday, July 19, 2007


Don't get me wrong, I know we need the rain but, If It doesn't stop pretty soon I will have to build a boat and put the jewelry on hold. My flower garden Is loving It. Everything gets so green after It rain's, ever noticed that.

I just received some hand made lamp work bead's In the mail today and I'm dying to use them, but first I need to take photos of some finished pieces and get them listed. So that will have to be put on hold for a day. Early on In my listing day's my pictures were not very clear, and I do believe that can make you or break you. I never really took any pictures, Dennis was the photographer In the family. So If first you don't succeed, read the manual. I love editing my photos, now. I use Adobe Photo Shop Starter's Addition. You can download It free. I here some comments from some of the seller's on Etsy that they hate doing that part of the listing. But I think that's what brings your piece to life.

Dennis and I watched a movie last night...Little Children. It has the actress Rose from the Titanic In It, Kate somebody or other. Anyway, not good. I say If you haven't seen It don't waste your time. We did see Breach the night before, the movie about Robert Hansen the spy, true story, that was a good movie. I don't watch allot of movies but Dennis does. He gets " Net Flix " The person that came up with that idea Is a genius. Because of Dennis's Lou Gerhig's Disease progression he can no longer move but he has a small sensor on his eye glasses when he blinks It activates a switch and he Is able to do all kinds of thing's all because of this tiny little piece of technology. He can turn off and on the TV, light's, work the DVD player, VCR player and also speak to me. Technology, don't you just love It. It has given him back some independence that the Disease has taken away.

All for now. Have a great day. See you tomorrow, Kathi

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Custom Order

Well I just finished a big custom order for some of my charming pendant's. I had a lovely customer email and ask If I could design and make different charms to represent each one of her family member's. We made a total of ten charms In all. You can view the finished charm's on my Etsy site In the sold category. The link Is over to the right under Gingeroni1. After finishing our two month project I felt like I knew a little piece of each one, and my customer was an absolute joy to work with.

Yesterday I was feature on the front page on the Etsy site with eleven other shoppes. How that work's Is a seller would make what Is called a treasury, there Is only a total of 222 treasury list at a time so when they come up you have to grab them fast, I haven't been quick enough to snag one yet. The curator would design a list of some of their favorites or a certain color or theme, then administration hand picks a certain treasury that stands out to them.
This was a beautiful treasury list of deep red's and burnt oranges. It was as beautiful as It sound's. This seller picked My Carnelian earring's " Shades " which you can view those on my site under Earring's. I was thrilled when I logged In yesterday. I had allot of traffic yesterday and some sales as well.

Dennis and Ginger are doing fine. Both spoiled rotten !!

Well, Have a fabulous day and be sure to pop In to my favorite sites posted to the left. I have purchased several thing's from these shoppes. They are wonderful seller's and becoming great friend's. Take care....Kathi

Sunday, July 8, 2007

My First


After many month's of deciding should I do It, should I not. I took the plunge, and started my Blog, which by the way was very easy. What was I so concerned about. In the next week I will be perfecting this little gem. My plan Is to write about my life, my business and what ever else strikes my fancy. I will have pictures of pieces of Jewelry I've designed and that are currently on my Etsy site. I will post photo's of my Family which will include my husband Dennis and we can't forget Ginger, better known as Jenny Bug my Golden Retriever.

In February I decided to start selling my jewelry on a site called Etsy. If I could best describe Etsy It would be a huge Mall and I have a shop In this Mall. There Is one stipulation you can only sell Hand made Item's. I have met so many wonderful people on Etsy and am doing well with my jewelry. I love creating pieces with a whimsical flair. So you will have to go check out Care To Bead at :

As some of you already know. I am a full time Care giver for my husband who has Lou Gerhig's Disease, and has had for eight year's. Dennis, my husband Is on a ventilator because ALS, better know as Lou Gerhig's Disease has robbed him of his ability to breath on his own. Typical life expectancy Is two to five year's. So far we have beat those odds. Dennis Is an amazing person and a inspiration to so many people, including me. So In the week to come you will get to know Dennis as well as myself.

OK, I think I will stop there for now. I need to jazz this site up a bit. Hopefully I will have some photo's up soon.

Take care, have a great day..Kathi