Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yoga, you gotta love It !!

Well hello there,

It has been way to long since my last post. The last post I did I told you that I was going to start a yoga class. Well I did and I really like It. My body Is bending In positions that It hasn't since I was It Is very good for my body, mind and spirit, so she tells me, the Instructor.

I had the first art show of the season and I did really well. I was pleased with everything. My pieces seemed to get a warm reception.

I am still getting ready for the last show which Is December 1st. This Is a huge show with thousand's of attendees. It's crazy. But I love It.

I have been busy trying to hire a Nurse to help me through December. I am extremely particular so I haven't found that certain someone yet. Who ever It will be It Is going to be the easiest job they ever had. I stay right here and never leave my husband with anyone except his Brother's. So that Is taking allot of time during the day, which Is OK I just want to find someone that will be kind to my husband.

Tomorrow Is my 22nd wedding anniversary. For my husband's gift I got him a new wedding band and had It Inscribed with, Your My Inspiration Love, Kathi

Don't forget to drop by to enter the Earring Give away. I will be giving 10 pair of Earrings away. The first drawing will be Oct 22. You can start entering on Oct 15. Just give me a quick email or convo me through my Etsy store and I will put your name In the hat. No purchase necessary.

Well I have to run. Take care and have a great week end...Kathi

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Real Diva Designs said...

I wish I could see your show...good luck.

After reading your blog I am amazed at how much care and love you put into eveything and how you balance it all and seem to stay so positive. I love your work...I think you deserve an inspiration ring your self because you truly inspired me and I can't wait for my order to come in the mail. I love the fall colors too.