Friday, September 7, 2007

Retail Shop's

Good morning,

Today I will be leaving around 3.00 to meet with a few of the retail shops that sell my jewelry.
I will be getting their order's for the holiday season. You are probably thinking to yourself, It's only September. In order for me to accommodate everyone that I sell to I have to plan ahead so that I have the time to complete the order's. I truly appreciate all my shop's that sell my pieces for me and the last thing I would ever want to do Is let them down In any way. So If I plan ahead I will be just fine. I have always been a planner but much more so since the ALS diagnoses. I think the only way you can get through something like this In your life Is to plan ahead. I say, stay two steps ahead and everything will be allot easier.

Dennis had a check up with the pulmonologist ( lung doctor ) yesterday. The doctor says that he Is doing wonderful. He Is In amazement how healthy he Is. It Is almost unheard of that a ventilator patient not be back In the hospital six months after they returned home for the first time.
We have had the vent for 4 1/2 year's and never been back since...hurray. To date that Is my biggest accomplishment.

I was quoted In the Sunday paper In an article called Love, marriage and Care giving.
It Is a very thin line between Wife and Caregiver and It takes allot of effort not to cross that line. It Is by far the hardest job I have ever done. You have to remember first and for most this Is my husband.

Have a fabulous day and a wonderful week end..Kathi

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