Saturday, October 27, 2007


Hospital's yuck !

Dennis was admitted to the hospital Monday night. He was diagnosed with Pneumonia. He started feeling sick on Saturday Oct, 20. I called the doctor the following day and got an antibiotic for him but he just didn't seem to be reacting to It quickly. One of the symptoms that brought this to my attention was he had an extremely high heart rate. Dennis usually runs about 70 / 75 and his heart rate was in the 120. I called 911 on Monday and went to the hospital. There he was treated In ER and a chest x-ray was given that showed Phenomena In his left lower lung. Well of course I was very concerned over this. We had not been back Into the hospital since we returned home from the Trach surgery In 03. We were admitted. Dozens of blood test were ordered, I guess to rule out any other problem.

The Staff at St Francis were so kind and caring. They told me that they would take my lead, and that I could care for him. They ordered a bed for me and that was our make shift home for three days. Dennis was responding to the antibiotics given. Although he was still running a fever. Doctor's assured me that It was his body fighting the Infection. We were able to come home yesterday. We were very happy about that. I didn't want to come home with anything that I didn't come with.

The test that were run all came back with great results. The cultures all came back with no growth, and his EKG was perfect !

I don't necessarily look at this as a bad thing. I look at this as a tune up. We have new base lines and we can go from there.
Because people return often after Trach surgery these test are always given but since we have never been back It was a great comfort to know that Dennis still has the fight In him.

We are at home resting comfortably. Ginger was just beside herself. She did not like us gone. Dennis's Brother Brian came and took care of her twice a day. She Is so happy that we are home, she won't leave my side.

I will keep you all posted on any changes. I as well as the Doctor's expect a full recovery.

Please keep us In your prayer's,take care,

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