Thursday, July 19, 2007


Don't get me wrong, I know we need the rain but, If It doesn't stop pretty soon I will have to build a boat and put the jewelry on hold. My flower garden Is loving It. Everything gets so green after It rain's, ever noticed that.

I just received some hand made lamp work bead's In the mail today and I'm dying to use them, but first I need to take photos of some finished pieces and get them listed. So that will have to be put on hold for a day. Early on In my listing day's my pictures were not very clear, and I do believe that can make you or break you. I never really took any pictures, Dennis was the photographer In the family. So If first you don't succeed, read the manual. I love editing my photos, now. I use Adobe Photo Shop Starter's Addition. You can download It free. I here some comments from some of the seller's on Etsy that they hate doing that part of the listing. But I think that's what brings your piece to life.

Dennis and I watched a movie last night...Little Children. It has the actress Rose from the Titanic In It, Kate somebody or other. Anyway, not good. I say If you haven't seen It don't waste your time. We did see Breach the night before, the movie about Robert Hansen the spy, true story, that was a good movie. I don't watch allot of movies but Dennis does. He gets " Net Flix " The person that came up with that idea Is a genius. Because of Dennis's Lou Gerhig's Disease progression he can no longer move but he has a small sensor on his eye glasses when he blinks It activates a switch and he Is able to do all kinds of thing's all because of this tiny little piece of technology. He can turn off and on the TV, light's, work the DVD player, VCR player and also speak to me. Technology, don't you just love It. It has given him back some independence that the Disease has taken away.

All for now. Have a great day. See you tomorrow, Kathi

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