Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Get Ready Cause Here They Come

Hey, Isn't that a song.

I have been devoting every spare minute to designing and making new piece for the up coming Fall season. Fall Is my favorite time of year. In fact Dennis and I were married October 12th. We picked that day because the leaves have changed by then the tree's are beautiful and the memories we carry In our minds of those days are unforgettable. We use to go to a little town every year named Galena. It was full of B&B. We would try to stay at a different place Every year.
On Main street they have quint little shop's, great food and magnificent scenery.
If you ever get a chance to go there, you should. It truly Is a beautiful place that holds so many memories In my heart.

I still have the 1/2 off section In my shop. I have sold quiet a few but there Is still some great summer piece. In fact now would be a great time to start your Christmas shopping, and remember all of my pieces are shipped with a little surprise.

Have to run. Take care. Stop by for a visit at my Etsy shop


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