Friday, August 17, 2007


Whee, Is all I have to say. What a long week. I haven't had any help this week with my husband so I've been going solo. Our Nurse that helps two day's a week has hurt their back, I'm not sure when they will be returning. Oh well, I will manage to get everything done....Just keep telling yourself that..Kathi

I got those cute little pouches In the mail yesterday. They are sooooo neat. I will take some photo's and put them up hopefully sometime today.

I am going to make Salsa today..yummy. I usually end up giving most off It away to Family and Friend's. All though I think I am going to can some this year. Won't that be tasty In December.

Don't forget the 1/2 off section I just added In my shop.

Have a fabulous week end, we are going to a Birthday Party for my Great Niece that turns one.
Her name Is, Finley and she Is a absolute doll.


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