Friday, September 28, 2007

Art Show Week End

Good morning,

This Is the week end for the first art show of the year. Saturday from 8:00am to 12:00pm
It Is only a four hour show but It Is a crazy one. My Sis will be helping me out, which will be fun. We have allot of fun when we are together and she Is a great sales person and one of my best customers. Prior to ALS Dennis and I owned are own business. We owned a Sporting Good store, so I had to sell, sell, sell and so hopefully, I will sell, sell, sell this week

I have decided to start taking a Yoga class on Wednesday evening's I am very excited, and I think It will be good for me. I have totally been out of the loop for at least five year's, perhaps It Is a little intimidating. I will get over It, and prevail. I will blog about that experience sometime after Wednesday.
Something special going on at "Care To Bead" from October 15, 2007 Thur December 24, 2007
I will be giving away a free pair of earring's every week. So that will be 10 pair of earring's one pair a week up until Christmas. All you have to do Is leave a comment on my blog or email me through my Etsy shop to be entered and In subject write, Happy Holiday's.

Have to run. Take care and have a fabulous week end. I will report back on Monday...


Anonymous said...

Have a great show! Your jewelry sells itself, with you and your sister, ther should be no problem Knocking them out! Good luck and have fun! Amy

Hyla Waldron said...

I enjoyed reading your blog!
Please check out mine and vote!