Friday, October 9, 2009

My Life Living With ALS...Continued

We made It to the car and pulled out of the parking lot heading toward the pharmacy to fill the prescription. The car ride was quiet until Mr.K said, I think we should sell our business. We had a sporting good store that we owned and operated. I said, I don't think we should. I was certainly not ready for that change. If we sold our business then people would find out about Mr.K. Still thinking If we didn't talk about It everything would be just find. I walked to the counter of the drug store to pick up the prescription. As I approached the counter I'm thinking, now the pharmacist knows that Mr.K has ALS. Will he say something to me, will he act like nothings wrong will he feel sorry for me. He came over to where I was standing and quietly said do you have any questions about this medication. I said no, only because the doctor had already told us about It. Ten years down the road and that same pharmacist Is still there and now knows me by name. He has helped me so many times when I just had a quick question about a medication that I was giving Mr.K.

Later on that evening we were eating dinner. By this time Mr.K was having trouble swallowing. The muscles were getting weaker making It harder for him to eat. I looked over at Mr.K and he was choking and couldn't catch his breath. Panic went over me. I stood up and did the Heimlich It wasn't working. I kept doing It. Finally I got It. Thank you God for giving me the strength to know what to do. Mr.K calmed down finally catching his breath. Try to Imagine chocking and not being able to catch your breath. Mr.K's breathing was being effected my the disease so his breathing was only about half of we would be able to breath.

Mr.K looked at me and said, I'm sorry I scared you. Thank you for saving my life.

Have a great week end,

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fabulous Etsy Find

So I've had my eye on this mirror for a while from RowansRoom on Etsy and was finally able to purchase It. It's every bit that I thought It would be and then some.

Each mirror is handcrafted from an antique cabinet door (which makes this an environment friendly item). Most of the doors are over 100 years old, and they reflect those years through their unique beauty. Along with the mirror I purchased this beautiful decorative nail.

I love the mossy green ribbon. I am absolutely thrilled with this fabulous Etsy find.

Have a great week end..Kathi