Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Devil Cat

My week end has consisted of the usual, with one small change...The Devil Cat.

I volunteered to go In and feed my sister's cat while she was away for the week end. I am by no means a cat person. I've only ever had Dog's. My first experience was yesterday. I had all the proper remotes In hand with detailed instructions on how to turn off the alarm system when entering, which was fairly easy because we have an alarm system, so I was familiar with that.
I entered In threw the garage door Immediately the Cat meets me at the door. If the Cat could talk It was probably say where have you been ! Can't you see I'm hungry ! The whole time I am opening the pouches of ( stinky ) food and the cat Is staring me down, hey you up there do you think you can move a little faster. Just set down the food and back away slowly, make no sudden moves or you will leave me no choice but to scratch the bleep out of you. So I set the food down slowly, as instructed, and received a short hiss. Set the alarm, and was out the door In a flash.

I have been busy making some new pieces to list In the next few week's. Be sure to stop by and take a peek. Don't forget also, that the gift with purchase will end on July 31st.

Hope you all are having a fabulous week end. I still have one more day with the Devil Cat..wish me luck...Kathi

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