Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hot Hot Hot

Oh my Lord Is It ever hot. Yesterday I was making homemade Salsa all afternoon so I didn't really have to get out In the heat to much but boy when I did. It just about takes your breath away when It's that Hot.
Last night In rained and we sure needed It. Ginger Is so afraid of the thunder and Lightning she just gets frantic. Pacing back and forth not sure what the heck Is going on, so we don't get much sleep when It Is doing that out side.

I have listed some new pieces on my Etsy site so you will have to take a peek at those.
I am still learning how to navigate this crazy blog but I'm getting there.

Last Sunday I had a contest through my Etsy shop to win one of the Trinket necklaces. The contest was, guess how many brass Sparrows where listed In the pieces In my shop. The response was overwhelming and allot of fun. I had people visiting my shop that might not other wise know It was there. There Is so much competition with jewelry designer's on Etsy you have to always be thinking of ways to promote, promote, Promote. But I enjoying doing that.

Have to run, I am working on some custom order's this week so I need to get back to those.
Have a fabulous Wednesday. Take Care.


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