Sunday, July 8, 2007

My First


After many month's of deciding should I do It, should I not. I took the plunge, and started my Blog, which by the way was very easy. What was I so concerned about. In the next week I will be perfecting this little gem. My plan Is to write about my life, my business and what ever else strikes my fancy. I will have pictures of pieces of Jewelry I've designed and that are currently on my Etsy site. I will post photo's of my Family which will include my husband Dennis and we can't forget Ginger, better known as Jenny Bug my Golden Retriever.

In February I decided to start selling my jewelry on a site called Etsy. If I could best describe Etsy It would be a huge Mall and I have a shop In this Mall. There Is one stipulation you can only sell Hand made Item's. I have met so many wonderful people on Etsy and am doing well with my jewelry. I love creating pieces with a whimsical flair. So you will have to go check out Care To Bead at :

As some of you already know. I am a full time Care giver for my husband who has Lou Gerhig's Disease, and has had for eight year's. Dennis, my husband Is on a ventilator because ALS, better know as Lou Gerhig's Disease has robbed him of his ability to breath on his own. Typical life expectancy Is two to five year's. So far we have beat those odds. Dennis Is an amazing person and a inspiration to so many people, including me. So In the week to come you will get to know Dennis as well as myself.

OK, I think I will stop there for now. I need to jazz this site up a bit. Hopefully I will have some photo's up soon.

Take care, have a great day..Kathi


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi!! I am so excited you started a blog!! Yeah! Yuu are one talented woman and I love working with you! Thanks for being such a great friend!! XOXO Amy

knitsteel said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Let me know when you update again. I look forward to reading.

I'm at

Anonymous said...

Kathi, this is great, I love your featured artists display, thanks so much! Liz