Friday, May 22, 2009

Pretty Flower

Here are a few flowers I have blooming right now In my garden. My garden Is bursting with color this time of year I only wish It would stay a little longer.

I did find out the blog problem was blogger and they were aware of the problem and would try to fix It as so as possible. Right now I am having no problems with this post. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Have a great Friday,


Doris said...

WOW! Your flowers are beautiful and you take great photos! I like your blog very much and your jewelry too.
Have a happy Friday,

Anonymous said...

The colors are just so pretty~~makes your heart sing, doesn't it?
Have a fabulous Friday afternoon, sweet Kathi~~

Splendid Little Stars said...

Flowers are so lovely and make our hearts sing. Thanks for sharing yours.
And I'm glad to read that information about blogger. I will pass that on to the etsy bloggers' street team of which I am a part.

TiLT said...

those flowers are gorgeous...and so are the pics :)

Sweet Romance said...

Lovely flowers Kathi! I agree, if they'd just stay a while. Hope you're having a good day! BTW....wonderful radio interview, such the speaker you are girlfriend!!!!

Now...let's hope I don't ave any problems getting this posted ;)

SharDon Exclusives said...

I have also been having alot of problems getting onto blogs. I even thought that I was being blocked out but then another time it works fine. I sure hope they fix the problems because I enjoy coming to each blog to find out what everyone it up to. Your flowers are beautiful! Mine have come and gone and I want them to last spring..maybe next spring will be longer...sharon

Shopgirl said...

Spring is so special and you captured the beauty of the season in these pictures. Have a wonderful spring.
Hugs, Mary

Candy said...

I know what you mean about wishing this beauties would last a little longer. WOW, they are pretty and the vintage scene of fence is great.
Looked back a little on your page--I'm a little behind on visiting--love your MD gift from hubby, my tummy is wishing for that bagel, and yes it is wonderful to have supportive family around.
Wishing you and yours a reflective Memorial weekend.