Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brothers Breakfast

Mr.K and I feel so blessed to have our wonderful families. On the third Saturday of every month all the brothers and Mr.K's Dad go to breakfast and after their finished they all come to visit with Mr.K.

This Is besides the Brothers Breakfast. For the last six years one of them has been here every Saturday. They all sit down and make a schedule out for three months In advance and one of them Is always here on Saturday to spend some one on one time with Mr.K. They watch movies, surf the web and read magazines things like that. Our families are very close and they have helped us walk through are journey a little easier.

It has finally stopped raining here and the sun Is shining bright. Hope your enjoying your week end,


Anonymous said...

Kathia, what a wonderful family you and Mr. K have! Dedication to each other and spending time is such a testament to the love each of the brothers and Dad has for each other.
Thanks so much for sharing this..


Sweet Romance said...

I love your stories you share with all of us! What a wonderful picture of them! Dennis looks happy ;) but then look at his caregiver and partner, who wouldn't be happy!

Shopgirl said...

This post became food for thought for me. My oldest son Trevor would love this with Arney (Dad) and Cory his brother. Doug our son in-law would love to have a time to get together. Mr.K looks so happy!
Thank You, Mary

twolefthands said...

The picture is precious! Families can be the greatest gift of all!

Splendid Little Stars said...

What a special photo! and what a special family!

QuirkyDolls said...

What a great job the brothers do! Too bad its just one day a week, but I'm sure they have jobs and families too. I hope you have other help with Mr. K's care. I get the fact that you can't "totally" trust hired help. I am a nurse and I see tons of other nurses I would never trust. Its too bad people don't have the pride in their work they should have.