Wednesday, January 28, 2009

((( Winner Winner Chicken Dinner )))

We have a winner from the Simple Finds giveaway. Drum roll please***********
and the winner Is Gail from Gail Friend Design. Have fun shopping for your ring, Gail.

Still painting. There really Is a lot to do when your painting, It's just not painting. It's the moving everything around so It's not In your way that seems to take forever. I really like the color though. It reminds me of Lemon Italian Ice.

The giveaway will start tomorrow. This time we will have three lucky winners...yeah.

Have a great day. See you tomorrow..Kathi

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gail said...

Kathi,,, THANK YOU SO MUCH !! :) I am just thrilled to be the winner. I love your work. I sent you an email. I also added your blog link on my blog. Have a great day...
happy creating,,, gail