Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Get Out The Brushes

Today we start painting In my studio. I can't wait for It to be finished and finally have color on the wall's. The color I choose Is "Spun Honey", It's like a yellowish orange color on the lighter side. Yesterday I had to find room to but all my thing's In the next room so they would be out of the way. Could you even imagine If they knocked over my bead cabinet..what a nightmare. Also today I will be shipping out orders and taking photos of this week's giveaway.

This photo Is some of the tulips In my garden from last spring. Come on Spring !!

Have a wonderful day. See you tomorrow.


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goodwitchglinda said...

Your garden has some gorgeous inspiration for your creations. I found your shop and your blog through Simple Finds. Many beautiful returns this 2009! :)