Saturday, January 3, 2009

Featured Etsy Shop

My pick for featured Etsy shop Is bannerflowerfarm today. I had purchased a new coat a couple of weeks ago. The coat was a dark chocolate brown. This coat was a Columbia so I didn't need a fancy hat just an everyday hat. So as I was perusing the Etsy web site I came across this very hat. This Is the hat I purchased. It goes with my new coat perfectly. Gives It that little splash of color that It needed. This hat Is very well made, It fits great, looks stylish and the price was only $10.00
They have several different color combinations In stock. This Is a new shop on Etsy. I was their second sale. The item shipped fast, great communication between buyer and seller and I would definitely purchase from this shop again, In fact I have my eye on another. Hope you enjoy the featured Etsy shop. Have a wonderful day.

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paperhill said...

the hat is really cute!