Sunday, January 11, 2009

Let It Snow.....Baby !

Guess what I woke up to this morning. Yes, you guessed It snow, huge flakes of snow.
Today Is a perfect day to work In my studio. When there Is a blanket of snow on the ground It makes thing's so quiet and It Is really quiet In my studio any way I think my Husband must of put three feet thick pieces of Insulation up.

In the post " Where The Magic Begins " I described what I had on the other side of the room. This Is my big comfy chair, that the Kitty has taken over. I've never had Cat's I've always had Dog's but we rescued this little Kitty about three months ago. Her name Is Tinkerbell. She loves hanging out with me In the studio because the nice warm sun comes In the bay window. She Is a good Kitty and half the time we don't even know she Is In the house.

Of course I had to have my Somerset Life magazine as well as some of my other favorites In sight for easy access.

Still trying to get those Valentines Day necklaces listed In my shop today.

Have a wonderful day,

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Anonymous said...

I love your work those flowers are beautiful I am a textile designer and also enjoy working with flower motifs. Very inspiring! What a pretty kitty she seems to have made herself well at home. I also enjoyed looking at your Etsy shop.