Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bead Organizer

I've had several emails asking where I purchased my bead cabinet In my studio. I bought this fabulous cabinet on line at BEST bead organizer. These cabinet organizers are a little pricey but worth every cent. The concept Is you purchase the cabinet first and the the draws and Inserts are separate depending how you want to customize yours. I have all my drawers labeled with handmade labels from remake
on Etsy. They always have some great specials on the BEST site to help the pocket book. Enjoy.

This week end I am hoping to list some Valentines day necklaces In my shop.

Today Is the last day to vote for the Somerset life submission piece. Please post your comment on Wednesday's post.

Have a wonderful day,

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Kelly said...

Thanks so much for sharing! You're a gem!! :)