Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Touch Of Winter

Remember the pretty little daffodils I posted about yesterday and said I wanted to get a picture of them because It was getting colder. Well this Is what I woke up to this morning In central Illinois. three inches of snow....yikes ! That Mother Nature sure likes to keep us on our toes. Although very pretty I would like my flowers back, please.

"Savannah Playing In The Snow"
She loves the snow and was very excited to go out and play In It this morning. This Is good exercises for her. We have her on a diet, shhh, we don't talk about It. as you can see by the photo she hasn't missed to many meals or treat's. She Is a very spoiled girl.

I'm hoping to get to my studio and work on some new pieces today. I wish you all a restful Sunday,


Anonymous said...

Wow~~unbelievable Kathi! Mother Nature loves to keep us on our toes! Savannah looks like she is having a blast in the white snow~~great photo!
Enjoy your day...


Anonymous said...

Yes we had snow yesterday also...not that much but I couldn't believe it was actually snowing again.

Sweet Romance said...

Hubby is watching Tiger Woods right now and I even made him get up to see this! I think it would have brought tears to my eyes especially just coming back from Florida. We have snow flakes as I'm typing this but they say all we're going to get is slush, let's hope! GREAT pics Kathi, and yes Savannah lookes like she's pretty excited to be out in that white go create your pretty little treasures!

Cheryl said...

Savannah looks too sweet!

well... the groundhog did say... ;)

twolefthands said...

I love it, your crocuses should be fine! It's always fun to get something out of the ordinairy!