Monday, March 9, 2009

Money Tree

Mr.K and I attended his Father's 85th surprise birthday party yesterday. Here Is a picture of his Father with the gift that we made for him. Yes, you guessed It right, It Is a money tree. Don't ever let anyone tell you that there Is no such thing as a money tree ever again. I attached 85 one dollar bill's with pipe cleaners on branches you can find In your own back yard. Then we found this beautiful black vase and there you have It. He loved It ! but was wondering how he would get all those dollar bill's off. We had a wonderful celebration and Mr.K had a great time. Have a fabulous Monday,


Tiedupmemories said...

Happy 85th b-Day to your father in law! I loved the money tree you made him! Very creative! I'm sure it's the 1st one he's recieved in his lifetime!Could ya please send me the seed to it! lol!

twolefthands said...

Your father-in-law is adorable! Happy birthday! I did a money tree for my Mom and dad a few years ago, I love how yours turned out!