Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cleaning House

As a general rule I like to keep my studio nice, neat and organized but In all honesty It looks like a cyclone hit It. I've got bead's and components everywhere. So guess what I will be doing today, yes, you guessed It. Strangely enough I really love cleaning my studio, I say that because when I get new bead's In and set them on my work table they get lost In the sea of bead's If I don't put them In their proper spot's right away. It Is amazing what I find that I didn't know I purchased. Because I use a lot of vintage bead's In my pieces If I see something I like I will go ahead and purchase them because next time they won't be there, their sold....rats ! I've learned my lesson on that one. I still have several new spring pieces to list In my Etsy shop and I will be doing that over the week end as well as creating new ones In my nice, neat and organized studio. Have a wonderful Saturday,

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Sweet Romance said...

Wish we lived closer, I'd have you help me do my studio too! hahaha

Can't wait to see pics, you are going to post some, right????