Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring forward: Daylight Savings time begins Sunday

It's time to spring forward this weekend and set your clocks one hour ahead when you go to sleep on Saturday night. This is the third year of the extended Daylight Savings, which falls on the second Sunday in March, three weeks earlier than the traditional start. I really love this time of year. One, It stays lighter longer and two, I seem to get a lot more accomplished. This Sunday Mr.K and I will be attending his father's 85th surprise birthday party. His father Is one of the kindest men that you could ever meet, I'm sure that's where Mr.K gets his wonderful disposition.

I am hoping to get several new pieces listed In my Etsy shop over the week end. It's a bright sunny day today, perfect for photographing. Have a wonderful Friday,


boylerpf said...

oooh...thanks for the heads up! I had totally forgotten! Have a fun filled weekend ;D

Anonymous said...

Had my brother not reminded me of it a couple of days ago, I would have forgotten.