Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vintage Cotton Pearl's

I ran across these beautiful vintage cotton pearls and thought how Interesting. These are actually made of compressed cotton and then coated with a luminous ivory pearl finish! This process produces a very solid and rock hard pearl bead that is light as a feather! Rare beauties indeed! Made in Japan in the 1940’s. These faux cotton pearls are very sturdy under normal wear, however, they are not water proof. They make a great statement don't you think. I dressed this pair of 8mm pearl's with an antique brass foliage bead cap and placed them on a vintage ear wire. I will be listing these earrings In the next couple of day's In my shop. Enjoy your Wednesday.



Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Kathi:) How unique, too that the 'pearl' is compressed cotton. Love the history, too~
Another treasure!

Hugs, Lynn

Sweet Romance said...

I almost purchased those myself a few days ago.....reading this has made me wished I had! I may have to purchase a pair from you ;D You have a way with sweet words and descriptions my friend♥


Sally Hackney said...

I'll be watching for these. I just received my earring order and I absolutely love them! I've had compliments too. Thanks for the little gifts! Do you sell locally? Thanks loads. Sally

Sally Hackney said...

Kathi, thanks for the quick delivery of the beautiful jewelry. I'll be looking for these pearls. Do you sell locally? Sally