Friday, February 6, 2009


Dennis and I will be going to the "Rain" concert tomorrow night which Is the Beatles tribute band. Dennis Is a huge Beatles fan. We received two tickets as a gift for our anniversary which was In October. So today I will be getting ready for that. We rarely go out this time of year with Dennis being on the Ventilator. It's not that I don't want to take him out It's just that there are so many germs and anyone that knows be knows I HATE GERMS !! In the winter months we are pretty much on lock down because I let very few people In our home. So to go to this concert In February Is huge. The good news Is the temperature tomorrow Is going to be 49 yippee !!
The concert starts at 8:00pm which In It's self Is late for us but sometimes you just need to step outside the routine. I have had to structure our life's so much In order to care for Dennis. So tomorrow I will have a full report on the night's festivities.

I have some new pieces to list In my shop later today. I wish you all a fabulous Friday.



Amy said...

Hello, I found you through another blogger, love the rings, are you from Illinois??? I could not find your profile.I am from the Quad Cities Illinois. thanks for sharing,Amy

twolefthands said...

Kathi, you and Dennis deserve a night out! Just relax and have a wonderful time!

candies64 said...

So excited you two are going out, you deserve it and I hope you have a fabulous time! I want to hear all about it....

We had pizza and salad in tonight, it's such a sloppy mess of melting snow here :( Talk to ya soon my friend.......((((hugs))) candy