Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Life Living With ALS... Continued

Over the next few months we saw gradual changes In Mr.K. Most of the changes were happening with his breathing and the lack of use In his hand's. At this point he could no longer stand on his own. The muscles In his legs quit working entirely. We were both scared of what was to come of our life as we knew It. Thinking to myself does every ALS patient progress like this. Later I did find out that no two ALS patients every progress the same. Some times the breathing was affected sometimes the limbs are. We had limb onset which Is the better one to have, as If one was better to have then the other. Two months down the road and we were getting ready for our next appointment with the neurologist. The morning was smooth no major problems. I got Mr.K In the car and headed for the doctor.

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Candy said...

You don't know how many times the Lord has brought you to my mind. I pray for you two and wonder how things are going. I am so happy for the update and will continue to lift you and Mr. K in prayers to the One who can give peace that passes understanding. You are so brave and I just want you to know there are those you may not know out here that are holding your arms up in the battle. (story in Exodus 17)
Thank you for taking time to visit and comment it means the world to me.
Friday Blessings ;-)