Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today's Feature Artist

Today's artist Is Selena from Motherhuse

I found Selena one afternoon while perusing Etsy. I was looking for some soap samples to add In with my packages to all my wonderful customer's. The soap's looked great and don't you just love the packaging, that Is what attracted me to her shop. Well, I put my order In and It was about a week later that I received the soap samples In the mail. They smelled so good. I opened the package and smelled each sample then I packed them over to my studio. Later on that evening I went to work on some pieces and my studio was filled with the aroma of this wonderful soap. I didn't want to leave. I just purchased my second order from Motherhues To add In with the holiday shopping packages. I have had so many complement's on the soap and what a nice surprise It was when they opened their package. So If you want a great Christmas gift for a friend, teacher or co worker check out her shop, you will be so happy you did..

Have a great day,

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Selena from Motherhues said...

:D I am so excited to be featured in your blog! :D I am so happy that you are pleased with your soaps, and that they bring such joy! THANK YOU!