Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jenny Bug

Wow, It seems like so long ago since I wrote, so much for my New Years resolution.
A lot of thing's have been taking place. As some of you know or have seen photo's of my Golden Retriever Ginger aka Jenny bug. My Ginger passed away on July 1st 2008. She was diagnosed with a disease named Myasthenia Gravis which Is a neuromuscular disease It effects the esophagus. It won't allow the food to pass down to the stomach so all the food Is left In the esophagus and the only way to get rid of the food was to regurgitate. She was so good she would always let me know when she was going to. While she was at home we were treating her for Gastritis. The vet thought she just had a tummy ache, It wasn't until they tried to do a barium sweep that they found out the food was not getting to the stomach. The good news was that It was treatable but only If you could get the dose right on. To much made It worse to little made It worse. We could never get her does right. She ended up with Aspiration Pneumonia and was on two antibiotics and IV for fluid's

I would visit at the vet hospital and on the last day of here life I had noticed that she really looked just worn out. She was having a really hard time breathing. There were other thing's going on as well as those two. It was just killing me to see her suffer. The vet said he truly believed she was starting to suffer. I called my husband and explained what was going on and what I thought we should do. We decided to have her put to sleep. It was such a hard decision to make always second guessing yourself was I doing the right thing or was I not giving her enough time. The doctor was at the counter getting the shot ready I was on th floor with Jenny and she had her head resting on my knee. I was petting her and talking to her she looked up at me with those big brown eyes and died. We did not have to give her the shot which was a huge comfort knowing that I was making the right decision.

Jenny had been sick since June 8th so It was a long battle for her.

Rest In Peace Jenny Bug. We missed you.

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twolefthands said...

I am so sorry about your precious Jenny. What a heartbreaking story.